About the Photographer

Lewis W. Hine once said “If I could tell a story in words I wouldn’t have to lug around a camera.”  Most people agree – images speak volumes.    I hope to tell stories with photos, peak the curiosity of the viewer, help them notice what is often overlooked and appreciate the beauty in simple objects.   I approach photography as “making” a photograph – not “taking” one.  Thus , it is a creative form of expression that pays homage to life without mimicking it.

My choice of subject is fueled by intuition and opportunity --  and occasionally by sheer luck!  When opportunities for travel and photography merge, well life cannot get better.

I am a native of Detroit and came to photography indirectly. I found myself teaching a course in which I needed to learn more about other cultures.  I packed my bags, studied the new environment around me and came back with more than memories. I returned with an excitement to see more of the world and capture it on film.  My travels have now taken me to the former Soviet Union, France, Iceland, Kenya, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Mexico.   Some of my images, however, were derived quite literally in my own backyard.

I now call the temperate Northwest home and love to spend time in the lush, quiet rainforests that dot this region or close enough to the spray of a waterfall as to not be able to talk over the rush of water.  I am fortunate to live in a time when technology has never made photography easier and more accessible.   I hope you find my images pleasing to your eye and validating of your life experiences and goals.

“voiLA” :  to “See there” or call attention to something.     voila.photography@gmail.com

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